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ACFNY Recommended | “Music in the Constellation”

June 11 | 2 PM

Over one hundred audio speakers will bathe the audience at National Sawdust in Brooklyn in sound, in an audio experience they could not possibly replicate at home. Music in The Constellation: An In-Person Immersive Audio Experience, presented by Open G Records on June 11 at 2 PM at National Sawdust, puts the state-of-the-art Meyer Sound System through its paces. Works by Frank Zappa, Stockhausen, Rameau and more are on the program curated by composer Greg Wilder for Chris Grymes’ Open G Series.

A guided tour of contemporary electronic music runs from music composed for a single moving speaker to a work that exploits the full 102-speaker Meyer Sound Constellation, using dozens of speakers mounted all around the audience in the four walls and the ceiling of the concert space. The program crafted by composer Greg Wilder includes seminal selections from Frank Zappa, Karlheinz Stockhausen, Jean-Phillippe Rameau, Wolfgang Miterer; music that’s rarely been heard in the way the composers intended. Commentary throughout the program will illuminate the dramatic shift in the way people will be creating and experiencing music for decades to come.


Greg Wilder: Atlas (2022)

Frank Zappa: While You Were Art II (1985)

Kui Dong: Flying Apples (1995)

Karlheinz Stockhausen: Gesang der Jünglinge (1955-56)

Wolfgang Mitterer: Hallo, Mr. Bruckner (2009)

Allan Schindler: Vivre (2008)

Jean-Phillippe Rameau/Greg Wilder: Zaïs – Overture (1748/2022)


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Image Credits: National Sawdust


Jun 11 2022


2:00 pm


National Sawdust
National Sawdust, Brooklyn, New York

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Adults: $25
Children & Students free

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